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    thankz for the critizism u two.

    Theron, I know the graphics are like that and trust me I will be fixing them up big time when i get far enough in the game. all the maps will be redone to look more professional. (im actually redoing the gym right now to have some kinda maze in it, but im not spilling that till the next update)

    Extraho (srry if i spelled the name wrong).-that story on the first page is a bit messed up from wat i have in the game,dont worry about that.
    yea I would like to thank Omega and shinylugia for that. they've been a big help to the project.
    yes the dex isnt complete and i wont be showin anymore of the fakemon till i get this thread up to the showcase section. then ill make a pokedex section of the first page. and sorry bout the caps locks.

    again thankz for the comments u two. *goes back to fix more mistakes in the game*
    yeah for 200th post.