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    Originally Posted by Jackmancer View Post
    how can i start a new game? I already got a save, i want to delete that, but how? Overwriting is not possible i think.
    When you come to the title screen, press up, B, and select simultaneously and it will ask you if you want to erase all data.

    Originally Posted by Ciesla View Post
    I want to start EV training my level 1 dratini (dragonite eventually) for competitive battles. I was thinking a mild nature with 56 Atk / 252 SpA / 200 Spd. Right off the bat if you think this is bad tell me, if not can you tell me which mobs I would have to kill and how many times each? I'm just not sure how to calculate it.

    He will have pokerus and the macro brace. Thank you.
    I'm not completely sure on this but you must kill 14 Patrat's or Lillipups (can be a mix of both), 63 Litwicks and 25 Basculins.