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    Originally Posted by shadowysi View Post
    I saw someone say on HG/SS that you can get a sinnoh ticket? is this true and how can you obtain it?

    I know in the FAQ it says it isn't possible but is it possible now?

    Yes. Here's how to get it. First, you fly to Vermilion City. Next, you surf near the ship and find the truck. Use Strength on the truck, and you will find a Mew. Catch the Mew and show it to Bill, who will be in Bill's Garden (North of Cerulean). He will give you the Sinnoh ticket. You will have to wait until there are 99 successful launches of the Mossdeep Space Center to go to Sinnoh.

    Anyways, what is a good nature for a Gengar? I have a Rash natured Gastly, and I think that is great for a Gengar (+ Sp.Atk -Sp.Def), but is there a better nature I should hunt down. I caught it at Sprout Tower, by the way.
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