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I think Capcom should bring back Breath of Fire, like the for real Breath of Fire. None of that Dragon Quarter stuff with the mystery dungeon like game play. I just want my guys to go around the world trying to stop some godlike beast from doing whatever it is that it wants to do and just have to worry about whether or not I have enough AP/MP to transform into a dragon.

When's Camelot getting around to doing Golden Sun 4, I don't care if the game play isn't really updated, they can use the same engine I don't mind. Just make sure I can skip cut scenes or at least let me skip the tutorials, why would you force me to go through the tutorial right after asking me if I know how the game works?

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For me, definitely the Crash Bandicoot series cos it was the first game I ever played and it has been 4 years since the last main series game in the franchise was released.

Also, if they were to give it a reboot I'd want to see him return to his platforming roots from his old PS1 days. It would definitely give me nostalgia.
We all know why Crash isn't returning, it's because Naughty Dog stopped making the games and it's only been downhill ever since.

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Megaman Battle Network has to return also, Starforce just sucks. Even if it means adjusting the battle field to MMBN's, I'll be happy, because I downright hate the 1st person view in battles.
The Battle Network series ended, it didn't just disappear there was an actual conclusion to finish the series. Although it would be nice to finish Bass off once and for all or fight Serenade with updated game play.

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