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    Originally Posted by kj3400 View Post
    So if I put that in, I can guarantee the particular ow's not going to move when I leave the map?
    If done properly, yes. If you don't care what direction it faces, then you don't need the sprite behave. I believe a basic list of behaviors is:

    0 = face down
    1 = face up
    2 = face left
    3 = face right

    Not sure, but after a few tries you'll get it right.

    Note: These behaviors will not line up with the ones in A-map, trust me, I've tried.

    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    Really? I thought it would reset if you leave the map :O
    Depends, the command "movesprite" is not permanent. "Movesprite2" is permanent.

    You do realize that there is a command database in XSE if you just hit F1, right? That is where I learned how to use half of these commands:).

    Also, level scripts are pretty much the same as regular scripts, they just activate when you enter the map, rather than activating on a person event or an s-tile.

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