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    Originally Posted by drgnkpx View Post
    The Dream World is so slow, I can't stand it. At least it looks pretty, and if that's the only way I'll just have to try it.

    It's not too harsh, I always knew that would be the case.

    Legendaries may be fair, but I won't use them, just a personal issue, I don't care if others do, and they have, that Volcarona tore my team apart.

    There's a Dream World Pokemon giveaway thread in the Trade Corner if you'd like to just trade for DW Poke's you'd like/need to save time.

    But I know what you mean about all the complications with battling online, lots of my favorite Pokemon don't handle so well and, truth be told, as far as the tournaments go I find a lot of the rules (especially about using stuff like Sleep Powder/ Chance Items) extremely fickle, especially when they view something as godmodded as Quiver Dance to be legit.

    I usually just run a set of Gengar/Scizor/Golduck that just seems to win since they cover all of their weaknesses and are balanced but I know that anyone that knows what they're doing would probably have no problem with em.. I guess it's just fun to test the water and try to get better.. since Pokemon probably challenges me harder than any other game to try and succeed on a consistent basis.
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