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    Originally Posted by Rest View Post
    I had a hold on the film A Separation. Best film I've seen for this Oscars season (though I haven't seen much else), and may as well be the one of the best films I've seen yet. I was glued to my seat for two hours that seemed to pass by unnoticed. Not to mention the life-like acting. :3
    OMG this was the reason that I gave you my Good Noodle emblem! Awesomesauce!
    Originally Posted by Rest View Post
    I watched Midnight In Paris that other day too. Sweet and amusing to say the least, and I liked it. Great music too. It won't win Best Picture though, methinks. Although now I find myself singing quite a bit of Cole Porter now and then. ^_^
    Although this made me want to take it away from you; ugh, Midnight in Paris.