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    Nice team man. Like almost all sun teams, your team definitely has a problem with dragons. Stuff like latios and latias give you big problems and different choiced dragons can give you massive problems especially with forretress as your only resistance. Ironically, you have a pretty huge volcarona issue as well. Your only reliable way to incapacitate it is using sleep powder on venusaur, which is an extremely unreliable method to handling such a massive threat. Another steel type is probably your best option for this team. As others have stated heatran is most definitely the right steel to have on this team. Roserade is easily the most replaceable member on this team. Although it's sort of a neat switch into rotom-w and the like, it is just bait for latios to come in and fire off a draco meteor to most likely ohko or 2hko something on this team. Specially defensive heatran is the way to go on this team as it is able to provide you with stealth rock which an offensive team such as this desperately needs. I'd run a set of sr / lava plume / toxic / roar on this team. Protect is a good option too; however toxic helps in last pkmn volcarona situations.

    As for some smaller changes, I'd actually keep forretress on this team. You don't really need spikes on this team at all. If anything, toxic spikes is definitely the better hazard to use. Stuff like volcarona and venusaur appreciate the status on stuff like blissey / hippowdon / jellicent which can make or break a game. Since you can drop spikes, I'd actually run hidden power ice on forretress instead. Although it may seem strange, hidden power ice is pretty crucial to this team. Sun teams need to give as few places for stuff like dd nite / dd mence to set up as possible. Hidden power ice means that you can hit these threats hard after stealth rock which are looking for a free boost to get a quick sweep. Sub protect gliscor is a huge threat to this team as well. Pretty much the only pkmn that it can not get through is venusaur, who takes quite a bit of damage from earthquake. Perhaps throw something like 56 spa evs into forretress in order to 2hko gliscor as well.

    You can also switch your moveset up on venusaur to help remove counters for volcarona. If you run something like growth / earthquake / solarbeam or energy ball / hidden power ice, then you can sweep easily with volcarona later in the match. Two of most ubiquitous volcarona switch ins are heatran and dragonite, both of which are lured in and easily ko'd with venusaur. The only downside here is that venusaur misses out on hitting bulkier steel types like skarmory, bronzong, ferrothorn and scizor; however these pokemon are a huge liability with volcarona on your team. With tpikes down, volcarona actually has a shot at breaking some of it's other checks like chansey and blissey if they're weakened enough by toxic spikes and hydreigon. I also agree with the statement here about running superpower on hydra. It can really help in weakening teams with a stall archetype for venusaur and volcarona to prey on later in the match.