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    Don't doubt he had the experience, do doubt he had the experience during the time his cortex was "off," or whatever. I don't get why he assumes is vision didn't occur in the time the functions of his cortex were functioning again. I also don't get why he rejects its uncanny similarity to a DMT experience. Not only is it in the same ball park, it's indistinguishable from just about any DMT report you could randomly select from Erowid. I'm not trying to invalidate the significance of this experience to his spiritual growth, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and the evidence this man is using to back the extraordinary claim that consciousness is independent of the brain, was, at best, lazily constructed and tendentiously presented. Maybe I have to read the book, though.

    Now I hate to derail the topic, but brief question to those who hold onto the belief that science and religion contradict each other. While they are very different fields, I've only seen religious literalists make claims that go against verifiable evidence. Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. e: forgot to post the question, great job. Must science be seen as something that can "disprove" religion? Why? What does that even mean? I don't feel like making a separate thread. pm me your thoughts.
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