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That does bring up the idea of legendaries being inspired from Greek Mythology though, Shawn! @[email protected] That'd be so amazing. I'd say something like Thor would be awesome, but that's Thundurus I think, haha.

Honestly, I think GF is really trolling us big-time about the type and it'll be something we all knew the whole time, or maybe there's really some deeper purpose behind Sylveon other than just the type. I remember a friend of mine telling me that the point of Sylveon isn't the typing, it's to establish communication between people, because "Nin" means person in Japanese. XD

I feel that I brought this up in another post, but I don't exactly remember. Whoops.

Though I want to know the deeper meanings in these games, because I feel that there's really more than what we're seeing, y'know? Like GF is kind of doing a drastic change in Pokemon games. I realize what I've said earlier about GF keeping the tradition and these games not really being the exception to that but....I feel that these games would be really interesting in that regard, that I feel that the company would break off from "tradition" a bit, especially since it's going to be on a 3DS, and try on a bunch of things and see if it'd work out for the fans~!

But yeah, that's my two cents. n_n;

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