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    I'd like to replace Growl for Peck, pweez :3

    Also, to explain Phoenix's battle-style:

    I wanted Katt to have Pokemon that are fast and relatively acrobatic, giving her team a sort of graceful, dancer-like motif. That being said, Phoenix is her most agile Pokemon and as such likes to display her battle skills in various acrobatic maneuvers. Bastian brought it to my attention while we were writing the post, also, that Phoenix seemed a tad OP'd, so I dialed it back a bit.

    However, I don't want her to lose her style (As in, jumping around and doing aerial screws when she attacks). They're not meant to come off as "masterful" or "powerful", simply an alternative means of delivering a blow.

    Also, about Phoenix's reflexes: Bastian described Stomps as being a few feet away from Phoenix when he was delivering his attack. To me, a few feet is anywhere between 2-5 so, logically (IMO) that' be enough time to bat the attack away with a counter :V

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