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    Originally Posted by Pokedude3012 View Post
    Exactly the same for me bro. Planning to restart heart gold tomorrow. Welcome to PC by the way!
    Cheers and hi! Yeah I should get my 3DS In the post today so I plan to start later, let me know how your play through goes!

    Originally Posted by PoLlOrOn View Post
    Welcome Sam, enjoy this forum... i like Flygon.
    I will! He's the best! Probably my favourite out of all the Pokemon currently out ^^

    Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
    I thought your username was Smogon at first. Man I am blind. >__>; Anyways, pleasure to meet you, Sam!

    HeartGold's an awesome game to start with. :3 I really enjoyed it despite some of the minor things that bugged me, like the slow animations and PC box. Didn't think a remake could do G/S/C justice but boy was I wrong. It's definitely worth it to catch up with some of the newer games soon too though, like the amazing fifth generation series. Those games changed Pokemon a lot, especially visually... animated battle sprites are the bomb, haha. Make sure to play through 'em and I'd love to hear what you think about those games, so leave a message on my profile anytime! Always around to discuss Pokemon with other fellow fans~

    But yesss, the sixth generation just looks so breathtaking. Pokemon will be totally revolutionized with the release of that, or so I feel. Which starter do you like? Are you as excited to see their evolutions as I am? :D You should drop by the X & Y board and speculate with other fans, that's always fun. Plus it's always interesting to discuss the new news as it comes out, right?

    Anyway, great meeting you! I'm around if you ever need help, so leave a message anytime~!
    Haha, well tbh, my username isn't that far off from :P!

    Back in the day I absolutely loved playing Pokemon gold, Pokemon heartgold was the last Pokemon game I bought and I only played a little bit until I stopped playing Pokemon for a while, look forward to playing it later! So you would recommend the 5th gen? Maybe I should go out and purchase it later haha ^^.

    So far I'm totally undecided about the starters, but I'm heading towards chespin ATM
    As that is the one that interests me the most! Although the most interesting pokemon they have released so far for me is the legendary seen on the pokemon x case, looks so majestic!

    I shall, thank you!!
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