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At the moment I'm very un-hopeful for X and Y, personally I really dislike the graphics, they look terrible.

I mean compare the images of X&Y to something like Ocarina of time, which looks much better. Sure you can say it's the graphical style but the facts are that ocarina of time originally came out on N64 in 1998. Yes the 3ds one was upres'd and had more polygons added, but if they can make a game from 1998 look better than one that they're going to put out 15 years later in q4 2013, then that's pretty lackluster.

Another example would be the 3ds port of snake eater, which shows just how powerful the 3ds is. That game looks stunning, it's a midway point between the original ps2 release and the ps3 HD re-release, yet it runs on the 3ds fine. Clearly the 3ds is capable of far more than what X&Y seem to be, which is a shame.


As for me, Tomorrow is monday which means that I'm going to be working another 55hours over 3 days again, joy of joys.