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    Thanks to the search button, this problem is solved.


    Hi, I'm working on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Legends, a Yu-Gi-Oh! game using the Pokémon Essentials package. I did post this on the Pokémon Essentials Reddit board but I'm actually making this game as part of my University Project which is due in in less than a week so I'm just panicking a little.

    I'm trying to add in some new attacks, and more importantly; some new animations. I've created an attack called Luminous Mars, it's a special attack that hits all enemies on field. A picture of mars comes up, shines, then the screen flashes etc.

    Sorry for the crappy screen capture quality but this is what it looks like in the animator; what it should look like.

    However, in-game it's a different story.

    P.S. the second gif shows it being laggy and stops early but that's just my screen recorder, it works fine, just not arranged correctly.

    I tried rearranging it until it all fit in, but turns out the animation messes up in different ways depending on what kind of battle I'm in (double, trainer etc.) the screen shot you've just seen is from a trainer battle.

    I find it a bit strange that the background messes up but not the mars animation. The background is made up of 6 animation tiles and I used the Tweening tool to move it from right to left.
    This is the attack in the moves.txt file

    560,LUMINOUSMARS,Luminous Mars,00F,65,WATER,Special,100,15,0,04,0,,Cool,The user calls upon the power of the planet Mars to inflict damage to all enemies on the field.

    Ignore the fact that it says WATER, I've changed the types around.

    The animation position is "Both Battlers", and I want the animation to show 'once' and hit both battlers.

    Any ideas? Help would be so appreciated.


    In the animation editor, change the Attack Position to "Screen", if an error message appears change a bit of code in the script.

    In PBAnimations line 696, make sure it reads:

    def initialize(animation,user,target,viewport=nil)

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