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    SSBB has always been one of my favorites. It's one of those games that you can play over and over again, day in day out, and not get tired of. Some of the games that are meant to be that way fail by lacking in other categories, but Brawl is not lacking in any category I'm aware of. Entertaining, but at the same time intense, and always a lot of fun.

    SSB4, specifically, is a game I'm really excited for. I absolutely love the fact that Mega Man will be featured in it, as well as the Villager. I usually main Lucas, but those two are both contenders for my new favorite character. On a side note, I genuinely hope they keep Sonic, the reason being it's going to help them acquire more sales. Sonic is a video game icon, along with the likes of Mario, Pikachu, Link, etc. and even though he isn't part of that Nintendo family, he should be a staple in the character choices. Also, it was quite a shock when I saw the Wii Fit Trainer introduced, and not a good shock. I'm curious how they're going to code all of Mega Mans moves to the Wii U and 3DS, because they showed a lot of them in the trailer. I was kind of hoping for something along the lines of Bomberman or Vaati from Zelda.
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