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    Originally Posted by Radiating View Post
    Yeah! A lot of what you said is basically how it went down for me. As I chose Charmander, the first 2 gym leaders were the only real struggles. The battle with Brock for me was just done by chipping them down with Charmander and a Pidgey. Misty was also a tad hard, as Pikachu or Bellsprout (depending on the run) aren't very powerful on their own unless I level them up. Which starter did you end up choosing?
    Sorry for the late reply!...I was trying to not consider starters, as well, since they drastically affect the difficulty of specifically the first 2 gyms, and all the later gyms have varying degrees of difficulty, but I usually pick Charmander or Bulbasaur, they used to be tied for my favorite starters up until Gen. III introduced Treecko...

    In regards to Sabrina, I totally understand the logic in why she's technically the most difficult, but I don't remember struggling very much with her in Gen. I...In fact, I remember aside from Erica (Who I always found to be the absolute easiest when you, once again, disregard Brock vs. Bulbasaur or Squirtle), the last four gyms were largely just routine runs...Idk why I've never had much difficulty with Sabrina, maybe the Snorlax would decimate her or something...
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