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    Originally Posted by Yagerbomb View Post
    Ok, thank you, I will start a evolutionary line then, starting with the first one.

    Name: Aquary
    Type: Water
    Weakness: Thunder
    Aquary are small, streamlined fish that can be found in shallow waters. They grow to about eight inches long. Aquary have light bluish-gray scales, which cover the monster. Aquary have menacing teeth that can cut through flesh, which is what they are for. Aquary are quite aggresive, which makes them easy to catch with a fishing rod.

    EDIT: The second stage of the Aquary evolutionary line.

    Name: Onchar
    Type: Water
    Weakness: Thunder
    Onchar are the common fish of the waters, able of living in both fresh and salt water. Onchar have streamlined bodies that help with swimming quickly in water, making them able to hunt smaller aquatic prey while avoiding predators. Onchar are moderately sized, growing up to eighteen inches. Onchar are slightly wider in comparison than their previous evolution. Onchar are armed with rows of dangerous teeth that rip through flesh. Onchar are very strong and aggressive monsters, which makes them hot targets for fishing, although the are used for battle as well.
    I added the second member of the Aquary evolution line, just keeping everyone updated.

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