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    ∣ "Solo"
    Dorm Room

    Chapter Three: Part Three
    The Bond

    Effect: Asprin 3/3

    Solo blinked. "I... I don't mind, I suppose..." He nodded slowly. "Yeah... She actually gave up her life so that I could escape... Another debt I'm unable to repay." He let his human form fade as he rested on his bed. "Hey... If you don't want to go, you don't have to. I assume that's why you're so hesitant, am I wrong? You can share my bunk with me, I don't take up much room." Whether Eva answered or not Solo had moved over to the foot end of the bed, sitting upright and gazing down at him. "Amelia, she was... Caring."

    His eyes dimmed as he spoke. "Too caring. She lost her life so that mine could continue. Humans had invaded our forest... Killed our trees... And caged our closest friends and family to become mere housepets." There was an immediate tensity in the air, and it took all of Solo's power not to unleash a woeful howl that would surely echo in each and every dorm. "If they find you, and you refuse to become their slaves, they put a bullet through your skull." He let his head rest over his paws, wolf eyes glistening as if tears had been withheld; pain and sorrow filling the icy eyes with pools of sadness. "She used herself as a distraction so that I could escape the forest... She could have come with me!" Tears streaked his muzzle and it couldn't be withheld any longer; he let out a pained howl, breaking any silence in the dorms and likely the school grounds nearby.

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