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Allister Curtis

Allister took some of the supplies from his teacher, thanking him as he did so and heading his warning to return the books to him. He turned to look out of the classroom door to look at Yorick and Cheryll
"I'll see you tomorrow morning" he said to the pair, he wasn't sure why but he had the weirdest feeling he'd be seeing Cheryl there.

Allister walked out of the main building and began to head across the academy's grounds towards the dormn, noticing a classmate of his out of the corner of his eye as he did so. He was already running through things in his head, going into a fight was one of the few times he bothered using his mind to its potential and since he had plenty of time to prepare he figured he should.

Hopefully Solo doesn't interrupt me or something, although maybe I'll see Gavin wandering around or something the mage thought to himself. He really didn't have time to deal with the Lycan again nor the cryptic speech of his fellow mage, although he could at least contribute something in the form of an opinion.

Allister noticed Eva, who must have been at Solo's room but managed to slip by without anyone noticing, or at least any confrontation. He was thankful for this as he really just wanted to get to work already. Allister found his room and opened the door slowly. He'd managed to avoid Solo and Eva, but now he had to hope his annoying room mate, an irritating, loud and boastful werewolf with a few tendencies all too similar to Solo's, wouldn't be there to bother him. Thankfully he wasn't.

Dumping the books on his bed, but being careful not to damage them, he picked up the book from the library as well as a rather promising book he had just acquired from his teacher, skimming them until he found the pages he needed. Next, he removed the small box of chalk from his pocket and, copying from the two books and making his own amendments he began to carefully draw out a pentacle. A perfectly even star in the centre surrounded by two circles. Between the two circles he wrote out ancient glyphs from the books. The idea was simple, he had taken components from an enhancing spell and a protection spell so he could simultaneously magnify the abilities of whoever was standing or sitting in it and protect people from magical attacks. It wouldn't stand up to Oz for long if he was as powerful as Ryuu said of course, but it would probably by time for a classmate to take him out.

I do have the problem of needing to test it against a decent offensive mage, I really wish I had ran into Gavin again. With that he left the room, hoping his idiotic room mate wouldn't come back and wreck his pentacle; once again he was in search of Gavin.
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