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Allister Curtis

Lightning streaked towards Allister as he looked on
"oh...crap" was basically all he could say, his pentacle was still on the floor in his room, which meant he was going to have to now improvise the same spell without actually drawing the pentacle since he hadn't ever attempted a complicated spell like teleportation before was certain that he would have to go for replication instead. All that had rushed through Allister's mind in a second, he knew what to do
"ymitare" said Allister picturing the prepares spell in his room intently with his mind. The left over chalk dust and lose sand and dirt on the ground clumped into the shape of the pentacle spell he had created as the attack was about to collide with Allister. It was instead blocked what seemed to be an invisible barrier dissipating after a while. Not having the power of the original the make shift barrier fell apart at the spell.
"Well, I know it will work" Allister said breathing a sigh of relief "it may not be as effective against Oz, but from it I can shield others too, as long as he doesn't break it. Thanks for the help."
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