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    Small update!

    I have decided to put everything in one textbox, with a checkbox for if you ant to see the hex or not. And, I've gotten it to work as expected, visually. I'm still working on a few things, one of which is a little nagging issue with the current setup. Currently, if you want to switch between code and hex, keeping changes, it requires saving. But, saving with invalid assembly simply silently changes your code. I need to change it so it will not allow switching unless errors are fixed, like typos, or whatever. This way, you won't lose a lot of work while editing. Of course, this system will need to be changed in the future, but for now it will suffice. Until I add line numbers and everything, of course =)

    That said, I've figured out how to fix that main error I had with the text boxes going out of sync, so I may make it a settings option to use two boxes. I don't know which way I like better. Two boxes make it easy to see what you're doing, one makes it easier to program. Speed verses easy to use, I suppose. xD In any case, I'm getting the UI down at the moment. No updates on scripting stuff, just the tool itself. It's getting better, and I'm making the code cleaner. =D Beta will be here before you know it.
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