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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    Someone earlier mentioned the "egg" may be a cocoon, I can actually see how that may be possible...I also see a stylized Claw, so Bug or Dragon?
    Never thought of it that way, but now more and more Bug evidence is coming out (plus my post the other day, and the note that the icon on the cocoon/egg resembles Burgh's Gym badge). I think that's it, ladies and gents. At this point, if it isn't Bug, I'll be surprised.

    I will be interested in seeing if the person I quoted returns to that forum just to gloat at the people who told him he was making up support for his theory. :D

    After thread research, I've located on a search for "Bug" the following comment of mine from March 5:

    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Swift meanwhile can be learned naturally by 11 different types, none of which include Ghost. I see Bug, Steel, Flying, and Fighting among those types.
    If I'd paid attention to my own comment, I'd have dropped the Ghost guess a long time ago. Sylveon would be the first Ghost type to be able to use it. Yeah, not likely.

    Also, I found this:

    Originally Posted by That Dude View Post
    I was thinking because the butterfly bows then bug type but the video only shows moves Eevee learns so it is extremely difficult to tell but I could imagine it using Quiver Dance
    That Dude is officially the first to firmly suggest Bug. If Sylveon ends up being Bug type, That Dude is licensed to gloat.

    I however now agree: Sylveon is a Bug type.

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