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Originally Posted by AshenhartKrie View Post
yeah i feel like a massive shmuck writing this, but anyway may as well.
Are there any pokemon RP's that still have sign ups? I really want to join one, but all of them already seen pretty established.
Welcome :3 A good way of finding open RPs is to check the "Check if your roleplay has been accepted"-thread. New ones get posted there and they are looking for players to start up. You can also look at the RP library to see what you find interesting, and then take a peak into their OOC threads to see if the GM has posted anything about open spots. A personal recommendation from me is to join POkémon Trainer Academy. It's free so you can do pretty much whatever you want, while interacting with others and whatnot.

Read all the stickied threads, really. They are quite useful. Hence their stickyness.

Originally Posted by PinkSapphire View Post
@Gunnerpow7- sorry! :D but thank you so very muchhh~

EDIT: @WestSideConnection- you tooo! :D thank you for nominating meee~

I hope my stalking attatitude this week is not getting on someone's nerves? :p teehee~

I've been visiting alot of roleplays lately, and i'm still deciding on wether i should join "Pokemon VR: Game of Chance" or not xD
No ones nerves, hopefully, but thanking certain people is probably best done via VM / PM instead of written in a general discussion thread ;)

Also, VR is closed. I already took on more players than originally planned. And I hope no one is going to quit very soon, because we have such a fun thing going on :] *loves playing sneaky NPCs too much*

Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
I think VR may have closed sign ups, but definitely ask Red if you're interested.

I was thinking this morning that maybe I should reopen that critique thread. Red had it up when she was moderator but closed it because of dis-interest. Because people seem rather keen on improving and critiquing others, what are your guys thoughts on it? It would be a "only comments on how to make it better" rather than a "would you be interested in this plot" since thats what the discussion thread is for.
I don't know what I think about it now, actually. It's a very good idea, but yeah, people didn't really use it much. If we really tried setting some kind of standard there though, we could probably cleanse this thread a little from people demanding asking for opinions on certain plots or characters. Then again... what would this thread be used for then? xD They would be so similar that it could be confusing. Dunno. Give it a go, perhaps.