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    Originally Posted by Anna View Post
    hi Ash loves Misty
    You must know that quoting people notifies them, as you have been quoted previously. Deleting your post and quoting them in a new one notifies them again. As I have been online many times after you posted- you can tell by checking my profile- I must have seen it, and decided I had nothing further to say on the matter. Re-notifying me is really, really begging for attention, as is the rest of your post- or should I say "posts", seeing as how you have double posted, which is against the rules? Wobbu had to merge those, which notified me yet again.

    As I said before, we previously had this question and Kanto Wild Pokémon Battle is the best answer I could come up with. You could have looked into this, as the thread is less than four pages long- less than 100 posts! Not so hard to scan. Anyway, the music mentioned is what plays as the Spearow appear. I have not been able to find the music just after that, nor has anyone else (since... I'm the only one who knows how to do music research I guess). So I mean. I look for it every time the question comes up, and got no luck. Begging for help will not change the fact that I can not find this.

    Jorah says that it is 4Kids dub music which has never been released, and I am inclined to believe that.
    I am sorry for that.
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