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    Originally Posted by sparkyisme View Post
    Wah this has been bothering me but I've been watching the XY anime recently I've been wondering: why are none of the gym leaders (so far only the first three) recognizing their fellow gym leader Clemont? Are they choosing to ignore him/not bring it up? Maybe he's so new they don't know him yet? Bad communications in between gym leaders? Or was he just a total stay-in-the-house-all-day-eternally kind of guy?!

    and how are he and bonnie both blonde hair and blue eyes when their dad is like brown hair brown eyes or something duh, pokemon logic. The future must be now.
    I mean nobody ever really recognized Brock and Misty either. Or Cilan. I guess they don't communicate? I've been bothered by it as well before but eh w/e.

    We aint seen their mom though! And there's a thing where children often have much lighter hair than they end up with as an adult; my dad was platinum blonde as a kid and have ended up brown haha. p much everyone in my family was hella lighter as a kid idk. who knows about the eyes tho
    i want to believe
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