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    Reactivating the Safari Zone in Gold/Silver

    If you're completely new to hacking like me, can't understand how to repoint now matter how simple the tutorial is, and/or you just can't seem to get anything right to reactivate the Safari Zone in a Gold/Silver Rom, then this is the tutorial for you.
    It is STEP-BY-STEP, so follow the directions to the letter
    It DOES require a bit of hex editing, but you'll only have to hex edit 2 BYTES of data.

    Special Thanks go out to IIMarckus for telling me 90% of the stuff in this tutorial.

    You will need:
    -A Pokemon Gold/Silver Rom (preferably with a save game in Fuchsia City)
    -Gold Map v1.6
    -A Hex editor (I use Gold Finger, most people use Transhextion, they all work)

    PART I: Allowing Entry into The Safari Zone (Because you can't get into the Zone)

    1. Open your ROM in Gold Map. Go to Fuchsia City, Map 3 (the city itself).
    2. Go to the top of the map. There will be a building with no door. It is the entrance to the Safari Zone. If you click on the 'Events' tab, you will see a warp (purple square with a 'W' in it that leads to another map) where the door is supposed to be. Go back to the 'Map' tab, and click the door in the Block section on the right. Click on the doorless building, and if all has gone well, it is no longer doorless.
    3. Go back to the 'Events' tab and drag the warp on top of your newly placed door.
    4. Save your ROM now.
    5. Go to Fuchsia City, Map 2 (the Safari Zone itself). There are two warps this time,
    and yet again, no door. Look through your map Blocks for the carpet looking exit (if you have no idea what that is, look at the map of National Park, at any of the exits). Click it north of those blue things (they're fountains if you couldn't guess).
    6. Do the same thing you did in Step 3, just instead drag the two warps onto the carpet.
    7. Save your Rom now.

    Well done! Now your character can access and walk around in the Safari Zone! However... there are no wild Pokemon in the park!!! And Gold Map's wild Pokemon editor says there's no data there to hack... Which brings us to...

    PART II: Putting Wild Pokemon Data into The Safari Zone (Because it's boring otherwise)

    (Note: This will require writing over other wild Pokemon Data. If you don't want to do that, you'd better study some repointing tutorials. We will write over the small areas in Silver Cave that you only go to once, you need Waterfall to get to it, and all that is there are two items. I'm sure that no one would mind NOT running into wild Pokemon there.)

    1. In Gold Map, go in your rom to Fuschia City, Map 2 (Safari Zone). Double click the little 'Map 2' or go to 'Tools --> Map Properties'.
    2. Under 'Area:', change it from 'Fuchsia City' to 'Silver Cave'. This sounds stupid but is very important, because it tells the game where it should look for your wild Pokemon data. EDIT: In Gold Map, the Safari Zone Map will no longer be located under 'Fuschia City', but under 'Silver Cave'. This will not affect actual gameplay at all but is VERY important to know later, when you edit wild Pokemon.
    3. Save your Rom now.
    4. Open your Rom in your favorite hex editor, and go to OFFSET 0x02AB35 (controls wild Pokemon at certain maps). At this offset search 0345. This is the map number of the Silver Cave waterfall-only areas (conveniently located on one map.) Replace 0345 with 0351, the map number for the Safari Zone. Save your rom. If done correctly, you have just put wild Pokemon into the Safari Zone.
    5. In the Safari Zone, you will run into the wild Pokemon from Silver Cave. To change what Pokemon you'll run into, open your Rom in Gold Map. Go under the 'Silver Cave' folder and look for the Safari Zone map. It should be Map 5 but this can vary. Click the 'Wild Pokemon' tab. Edit away, and I would suggest putting the 'Less Attacks/More Attacks' slider more towards the 'More Attacks' position. Otherwise, you'll be running around for two minutes before you find a Pokemon. EDIT: And to change the rarity of a Pokemon, just put it lower down the list.
    7. Save your Rom and play away.

    And that's all there is to it! You now have a playable Safari Zone Map in Gold/Silver!
    With some basic map editing (Gold Map) and text editing (PokeText), you can add it seamlessly
    to your gameplay.

    Have fun, and catch all the Pokemon you can!

    -Evil Otto Jr.
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