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    Originally Posted by poddish View Post
    cool! great tutorial, but... do you know if its possible to add the safari zone script (the one where you get 500-600 steps, 30 safari balls, and the choices of "ball" "bait" "rock" and "run" instead of "fight" "pkmn" "item" "run" in the battle screen)? It would be cool if gold hacks had a fully working safari zone, like the ones in r/b/y/r/s/e/fr/lg/d/p/p!
    Yeah, Mateo's right. That would end up a very complicated tutorial, far beyond the small amount of knowledge I have on hacking. Someone might make a tutorial for that later on.

    What I did was edit a few lines of text to make a "Safari Zone is free now" sort of subplot. At some point I'll probably just post an IPS patch of that.
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