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    I'm pretty sure the reason Giovanni/Team Rocket is being brought out into the open is so they can finally end Team Rocket as a villainous organization in the anime. That's kinda how TV series do things--if the Big Bad for an organization reveals himself and so much as comes out into the open, you know he's going to be beaten and that organization's arc is coming to a close. That was kinda the problem for Team Magma/Aqua/Galactic since Team Rocket always looked more reserved (after all, only two members for all of Team Rocket was ever present in Hoenn or Sinnoh, with Team Rocket's leader always practically in the shadows--by comparison it made the other teams appear less reserved and therefore weaker!)

    I think they're going to get rid of Team Rocket from the anime, in order to make Team Plasma appear as more of a threat--after all, they would then have to fill that "power vacuum" left by Team Rocket's defeat.

    I mean, think about it: the anime is the only medium left where Team Rocket still exists. It presumably has disbanded in both the manga and the games.
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