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    Yesterday I went to the Next Destinies prerelease. It was very exciting & i'm going to tell you how it went:

    The Beginning: When my friend & I got to the prerelease we had to wait a long-ish line. After we got our POP IDs & went to a table.

    The Booster Packs: After we went to a table it wasn't long until the booster packs were being handed out. My friend & i were REALLY hoping for an EX but we just got some holos & he got a Shiny Chandelure. I was really disappointed.

    I built up a deck consisting of Water & Fighting Which had the following:

    1x Articuno
    1x Lapras (Rare Version)
    1x Lapras (Uncommon Version)
    1x Starmie
    2x Staryu
    1x Lucario
    1x Riolu
    1x Hippowdon
    2x Hippopotas
    1x Wigglytuff
    1x Jigglypuff
    1x Persian
    1x Meowth
    1x Skyarrow Bridge
    1x Level Ball
    2x Double Colorless Energy
    12x Water Energy
    9x Fighting Energy

    Round-1 Status: 1 Win | 0 Losses

    Round 1, the most devastating round, by opponent had a pretty strange deck but I went with the flow. This was my first ever official Pokemon TCG Battle in real life:
    I went first, leading off with Lapras & with the other Lapras while my opponent had a Shinx with him. I kept on Water Arrowing Shinx while he kept on sending out Emolgas, Hippopatas, and more Shinx I didn't let him touch a prize card & won my first game with a finishing Surf! :D

    Round-2 Status: 2 Wins | 0 Losses

    Round 2 was pretty quick, I got Articuno as my active & had a Double colorless in my hand, while my opponenet only had some Growlithe on his bench & as his active so I beat him with ease while he had a Reshiram EX Full Art in his prizes.

    Round-3 Staus: 3 Wins | 0 Losses

    Round 3: To be posted...

    Credits: XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX