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    Alright... Here's my battle roads 2012!

    I used Hydreigon/Darkrai. My biggest rival moved up to masters, so I thought I didn't have anything to worry about...

    ROUND 1- VS: (Name forgotten) using Chomptaria

    Started with Darkrai active, and two deino on the bench. KO'd three swablu on turn 2, then just kept Catchering up Gibles until I won.

    ROUND 2- VS: Meto Gwambali using Zeels

    He started Tynamo, i started two Darkrai. I got two dark patch turn one. used both, attached for the turn to active, Junipered, ultra balled, dark patched again, and DONKED.

    ROUND 3- VS: some kid using Eels + EX attackers and one normal Zekrom

    He got a whole bunch of EX's turn 2 and 3, then when I Benched Sigilyph he misplayed and benched two Mewtwos. KO'd both of em, then KO'd two eels after that.

    ROUND 4- VS: Quad Terrakion

    This was pretty much the only real game I played. (either that or I'm just way too good) He started Terrakion, I started Darkrai and Sableye. I kept Max Potioning and Dark Trancing around two Darkrais, and he kept sending in more bulls. I eventually lost two Darkrai's, and had two hydreigon and two sableye, with two darkness energy total. I took a risk, Benched Darkrai (we both had two prizes), and used Junk Hunt. Next turn he top decked Catcher, so I lost.

    ROUND 5- VS: Peter Fisher using Zoroark/Cobalion/Bisharp/Mew-EX

    Peter's been my friend for a really long time. Honestly, he's not all that good. But somehow, he was 3-1 like me. He told me that his deck was based around Cobalion and Bisharp. Basically he used Cobalion to prevent attacking so he could arm up Bisharp for a death blow with Metal Scissors. This deck would've been good for Juniors, but for Seniors? no. I simply went Speed Darkrai-style since two Hydreigons were prized. Since Peter knew he couldn't beat me, he just tried his best to annoy me :) I Dark Patched all four times within three turns, then alternated attackers till I won.

    FINAL: 3rd Place

    So, not the most intense BRs, but still pretty good. I wanted to go all out against Joe Lewis and his eels who took 2nd, and James Leung using Terrakion-EX/Mewtwo-EX/Bouffalant and took 1st... That was what I was prepping for for a week... But I still took 3rd!

    EPIC BOOSTER PULLS: One kid I saw pulled two Garchomps, a reverse holo Hydreigon, AND a FA Rayquaza-EX. I pulled a FA Ho-Oh-EX, a Garchomp and Gabite, two reverse holo Bouffalant, and a reverse holo Blend Energy GFPD. Another guy bought a booster box and pulled 4 Garchomp w/mach cut, 2 Hydreigon ability, and 4 FA's.
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