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Really? I wouldn't have taken you as one who likes anything in the Big Three, especially not to the extent of putting it close to Utena.

...Of course, then again, I guess people are that way with me and Dragon Ball Z...I'm not really the type to delve into Shonen easily anymore. When I was younger, I was in love with things like Naruto and Bleach, but since then my senses sharpened- not to say that those shows are beneath me, but I'm more the type of person to put story and characters in front of...well...whatever it was that I liked about Naruto and Bleach as a child (In the case of DBZ, though, I like it mostly for the storytelling and underlying themes). Heck, the reason I like One Piece so much is largely for those reasons, and for the fact that each flashback for the characters hits an increasingly emotional note. I like to be touched by anime to the point where I won't want to call the police.

I'm really interested in Utena, though. It touches on themes such as sex, homosexuality and the like, has interesting characters and character relationships, and, well, it's just plain interesting. I do want to watch it at some point.

Same with Galaxy Express 999, I still can't believe I haven't watched that.
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