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    Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
    EDIT: While doing some quick research for this post I came across a post from 2004 that said the DS wasn't going to last. Well, we're in 2013 and the DS had 4 models released, and big budget games released until last year, and it also outsold the PSP. It was so successful that now we have the 3DS which is crushing the Vita sales-wise. So much for those futurologists who keep trying to tell Nintendo what they should do...

    ^made me giggle.
    so much for predictions xD

    well, one of the things that possibly made hg/ss plausible is the fact that the internal battery causes big issues.

    one could say the same happens on the gba titles but truth is loss of time-based events is nothing compared to loss of data (saves).
    wonder why no one talks about this.

    i know the batteries can be replaced but the developers clearly didn't have that in mind and not everyone has access to that info. plus, the battery replacement process isn't even something THAT easy to do as you can easily damage the cartridge.

    i don't really think hg/ss alone are an obstacle to your "new adventure in kanto" idea, at all.

    as far as i can see, the biggest issue would be the fact that the region of kanto by itself wouldn't create much of an impact regarding nostalgia and a new adventure in a region so overused would, almost certainly, not be profitable enough to make it a good alternative to a new gen or a simple remake.

    also, taking into account they base their regions on real areas, the ammount of work they'd have to put in creating your idea opposed to a brand new gen would be essencially the same (new region since there's almost nothing to recyle due to the console transition and graphic differences already shown by x/y, new characters, new plot, etc, etc), which only reduces it's viability even more.

    simple remakes on the other hand leave the developers with something to work with giving them a headstart, allowing some development time and money to be saved.

    lastly, unless they master the dev-kit for 3ds by the time they truly finish this new project, i don't think they'll go with remakes that soon.

    but 3ds has been around for a while now and i suspect they started working on the new gen far earlier than what most ppl would expect.

    reason why i don't believe we'll get short/poor games when it comes to content like some suggest, even with the huge leap from DS to 3ds.
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