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    Apparently, you guys are still butthurt about the replacement scrappy. Keep in mind that these are remakes to the original Gold and Silver, not Crystal, and they added very few elements from that game to the remake. Anyway, my preference between the two depends if I like to see them in a crossover with any of Nintendo's franchises or which female trainer I like to see to co-exist with the male trainer for the next SSB game based on their design. I pick Lyra because:

    1. Red used his FR/LG outfit in both his game and in HG/SS/B2/W2, which means Crystal will not be chosen as a candidate for the female trainer due to her lack of appearance in any of them, thus making her non-canon like Leaf.
    2. I love to see Lyra interact with the Mario characters
    3. I enjoyed her anime incarnation (and her interest on relationships).