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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
I would like to join this club under the ally precident please. I'm not any of those things which make up the club, but I do support gay rights and whatnot. You can thank Lady Gaga for that. <3
*is a co-owner* Welcome aboard, Alternative! We owe Miss Gaga so much.

Originally Posted by Merzbau View Post
I think Lady Gaga's a cissexist, arrogant, white lady who thinks she speaks for everybody gay and otherwise, but hey. I can be a radical and ruin all your fun some other time if I want to.

As for me?

Androgynous, bigender, pansexual, queer, gay, trans*, genderqueer, unicorn, repeat. In any order.

I can be whatever I want to be, you got that, lovebirds? I'll be the Queen of Faeries if I want to be. As if I wasn't already that already.
I'm not sure what to do with this post, but if it means you're joining us also, then welcome! And you don't have to like Lady Gaga, it's just something most of us share :)
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