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    Originally Posted by Totod!le View Post
    Wow... I can't believe the amount people that are hatching for a shiny. I'm also hatching for a shiny Totodile on my Pearl. I'm at 16 boxes hatched and I'm filling my 17th. All of the babies are going onto Pokemon Ranch so I have a ranch full of Totodile.
    Me neither.

    Have you hatched shinies before? Because you seem awfully familiar to me, maybe I've seen you somewhere..

    Originally Posted by Chr. Draco View Post
    Wow It looks like a lot of people is breeding.
    In my case I'm still SRing for regice.
    Congrats for those with new shinies and good luck to all in your hunts.
    o.o They are. Of active peoplehere , they are going at it old-skool, breeding and SRing.

    Originally Posted by Mateus_ View Post
    gl with ur magicarp... u should try to rest a little before going on...
    I have alreay got my shiny :)
    yes, it came yesterday at night... hatched for about 6 hours a day by 3 days...
    so I did like 540 eggs...
    It came realy fast... so now I start with dialga! +D
    btw I can't put the picture now cause I'm not at home... but when I get there I'll put it here...
    Rest? You said you were doing it SIX hours a day, now that's crazy. Congratulations but I don't think I could do it for 6 hours. Otherwise I'd have many more. And a lot more problems. XFD

    Originally Posted by Dark Steelix Lv X View Post
    Finally something to post about!
    Smooth man, smooth. Those low IVs make me wonder.. Just bad luck or is it possible they were programmed to have them low? I doubt that but who knows. Congratulations anyway, you're probably one of the few people who actually have a legit one.

    Originally Posted by Mence Master View Post
    DAMN!!!! Nice job dude!
    I've been wanting to hunt one, and I wanna do so on Platinum!

    Congrats! Sweet shiny!

    Good luck!

    Good luck!
    I just wanted to quote you so you'd say "Good Luck!" twice. :P

    Originally Posted by Mateus_ View Post
    Hey does anyone here got the atual shiny dex of the shunters club?
    I would like to see it...
    Well, as you can see, there's one on the front page, but as you could've guessed, it hasn't been updated in quite some time (even years, maybe?).

    Although I'd like to show you an updated list, or even compile one myself, I'd say it's nearly impossible, as many members who have come and gone...

    Not to mention that said Shiny Dex is probably full by now with the exceptions of Shaymin, Arceus and probably Celebi and Jirachi.

    It does make one wonder how far we could've gotten, but I believe that project is lost in time.

    1,110 eggs hatched, can ya believe it? I'm not done for the night, I plan to make one final push to 1,140 and fill that 4th box.

    Magikarp.... please be a golden yellow soon.... I need you.
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