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    Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
    I think labels are sometimes helpful and sometimes hurtful. Sometimes I like to say (like fenrir) "I'm lesbian" because it helps simplify things. I don't like going around saying "I'm a demisexual which means blah blah blah, and I'm also blah blah blah, and sometimes men are attractive, but I don't like them sexually or romantically, but women are awesome, but also blah blah blah" and I simplify it to "lesbian".
    Haha, yeah, exactly. It simplifies things, especially if you're talking to a stranger. A friend? Yeah, I'd probably go into more detail, but not with a stranger, unless they ask.

    Unfortunately for me though, 90% of the people I meet have no concept of what ace or asexual means, so I end up having to explain it in detail anyway, haha. Most of the time with strangers, I just avoid the topic all together. I'm not very eloquent in real life, especially if confronted about anything.

    I work at an electronics store, and I cannot believe how many people (mostly older men) make some casual comment about my "future husband." They're usually in the form of compliments, or, alternatively, it's the "never get married" advice from someone who's just had a fight with their spouse (this comes from a lot of my married friends as well, even the ones that know I'm ace!). It always makes me very uncomfortable, and it's gotten very tiresome to realize exactly how many people just assume that everyone they meet is straight.