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Dallas Yukira: Forest

Dallas and Jenna stood away from each other, giving them plenty of room to have a Pokemon Battle. The fallen leaves danced between them, giving each small gust of wind a different color it seemed like, reminding Dallas of a song from a childhood movie. Dallas had already been beat by Jenna once before, but he had no intentions on losing this time.

"Alright Dallas! Let's start! Go Noibat!" Jenna called, throwing a pokeball out.

Dallas nodded, "Alright then. Let's go Freeze!" Dallas called, throwing his own pokeball out. Both pokemon appeared in a brilliant flash. Dallas knew he had the advantage, but that wasn't always useful.

Jenna started the battle, commanding Noibat to use gust. Noibat unleashed the attack, causing leaves to spin all around the battlefield. It inflicted some damage to the white Vulpix, but as soon as it stopped, Dallas commanded her use Powder Snow. The snow blasted through the flying leaves, hitting Noibat. But that didn't stop the dragon bat. Jenna commanded it to use tackle, but this time Vulpix dodged and used dark pulse. The attack hit, causing Noibat to crash to the ground. Noibat used absorb, taking some energy from Vulpix. Then the bat dragon used Bite, but before it could get to Vulpix, she unleashed a Moonblast. The brilliant light engulfed the bat and it fell to the ground, unable to battle. Vulpix stood proud, but breathing hard.

"Noibat return." Jenna said, the pokemon returning, "Great job buddy. I forgot about Moonblast."

"Freeze, return!" Dallas smiled, the pokemon returning, "Great work. How did you forget about Moonblast?" Dallas asked.

"It has been a while since we battled! Freeze has gotten a lot stronger since back then in the mountains." Jenna answered.

Dallas smiled, "How about we let our horse pokemon have fun next?" Dallas asked.

"Ok! Ponyta, let's go!" Jenna smiled, calling out her Ponyta. "Volt, time for your first battle! Let's go!" Dallas called. Both pokemon appeared.

Dallas started the battle by telling Volt to charge. Jenna took advantage of the non attack and used Flame Wheel. Volt's body glowed with electricity and flames engulfed Ponyta. The Ponyta collided with Volt, but then the zebra pokemon used Shock Wave, throwing the fire horse backwards. Ponyta used tackle and Volt used quick attack. The two horse pokemon charged at each other, Volt made contact first, but it didn't stop Ponyta from attacking. Volt used shock wave, but Ponyta managed to dodge it, throwing leaves up everywhere as it hit the ground. Ponyta then used ember. The attack hit Volt, but he still stood strong. Ponyta use tackle again, while Volt use quick attack. The attacks sent up another swirl of colorful leaves, but when the leaves thinned, Volt was unable to battle. Ponyta stood, but was tired.

"Volt return!" Dallas called, returning the pokemon, "Awesome first battle buddy."

"That was an really cool battle! I wish I had been filming it with all the leaves flying!" Jenna smiled, "Ponyta return."

Dallas looked at the battlefield, making sure there was no fires from the battle. It probably wasn't very smart to be battling in a forest during autumn, but thankfully, there was still a small amount dew on the leaves.

"Guess it is time to show my new pokemon." Jenna called. "Mareep let's go!"

"An electric type! You finally got one!"

"Yep!" Jenna smiled.

"Ok then, Siege, come on out!" Dallas called. Both pokemon appeared.

Jenna started the battle out with a Charge and in a similar style. Dallas took advantage of the non attack with a tackle. But Jenna smiled and called Mareep to use Iron Tail. Dallas was taken by surprise and the Mareep's tail glowed and it swung around, hitting Siege. Dallas then told the Siege to use Iron Head and it hit Mareep, sending it rolling in the leaves. Both pokemon then used tackles, hitting each other. Mareep then used cotton spore, slowing the Gible down. Siege used Sand-Attack, but it missed. Mareep used Iron Tail again and Siege used Iron Head. Both attacks collided, knocking down of them out.

"Return!" Both trainers called, thanking there pokemon, but the brought out their Vulpix and Ponyta again.

Both trained were really excited as they both smiled, having fun. They didn't speak this time. As they started calling out commands.

Ponyta used Ember and Freeze used Powder Snow. The attacks canceled each of them out. Freeze used Dark Pulse, but Ponyta dodged it as it used flame wheel, hitting the Vulpix hard. However, Freeze wasn't ready to give up yet and used Hidden Power, colliding with the flame horse. Both pokemon were near defeat. Jenna and Dallas looked and nodded at one another. Ponyta used Flamethrower and Freeze used Moonblast. The two attacks met in the middle and instantly exploded.

Dallas put his arms up to shield himself from the leaves and other debris that had been sent flying by the shock wave. His jacked blew in the wind and the ground shook for a few seconds, but then settled down. Any wild pokemon that had been around, probably retreated from the surrounding area. Once the dust settled, all of the leaves that had been covering the clearing, were now on the outside or inside the woods. Both pokemon were downs and unable to battle, ending the battle in a draw. Jenna and Dallas returned their pokemon.

Both of them fell on the ground, as they too were try to catch their breath, as if they were the ones that had done the battling. They waited to catch their breath before speaking.