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    Kitty... Kewt... Kitty... KEWT... KITTY... KITTYYYY!!! *Glomps it*

    So. Damn. Kewt.

    I also like the Pixeled Chatot and the Gyaradoses. And Crellesa

    Though, I think the Rioluu could use work:
    The head is abnormaly small
    The Black part on it's chest should be higher
    The bottom should be a bit wider
    It's missing it's tail o.0
    Meh, I knew I missed something. Anyways, i tried to fix it, but It won't turn out right.
    Wow! awesome! Keep making them!
    Thanks! And i sure will keep making them!

    The cresselia prevo is awesome.
    Thanks, but the concept isn't all mine. someone else fused azelf and cresellia, but i re-did it so it has more of a prevo of cressilia.

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