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    Chapter 2: Keyblade

    When I was finally next to Fuu I couldn't speak. I looked to my side and saw Fuu looking off into the distance. I slightly smiled before looking towards Seifer and Rai who were snickering quietly.

    " Ha who would've thought he was shy" They both said and laughed a little bit louder. My face was red with embarrassment but that made the two boys laugh again.

    "Yea but this shy person can beat the both of you" I said out of instinct. They were waiting for me to say that and readied their struggle bats. They both charged at me at the same time and I was able to dodge Seifer's attack but not Rai's which knocked me backwards. I struggled to get back up and did only to feel the two of them pummeling me with their struggle bats.

    They had backed up slowly when Fuu grabbed her guard bat and that's when I thought that my life was over. She was mere steps away from me when she had raised her Guard Bat and I expected her to finish me off but I never felt the hit. It was then I realized she wasn't going to attack me. Slowly I stood up and saw that a man in a black cloak had appeared and was attacking Seifer. Rai was already knocked out and Seifer was next. I ran next to Seifer and was ready to help him.

    "I don't need your help" Seifer told me and swung at the man in the black cloak. The man easily dodged and was about to deal the finishing blow to Seifer but I blocked it. I didn't care that they had just pummeled me a few seconds ago. I fell to one knee still feeling pain but slowly got back up. I looked at Seifer and he nodded at me. It was then that the person in the cloak went up to Fuu with two weapons in his hands. My face turned red with anger and my struggle bat started glowing and changed into a Kingdom Key. Everyone was confused including me. I shook off the Keyblade and charged at the person with the black cloak and attacked him once with the giant key. An explosion of laughter erupted from him.

    "Whats so funny" I said and the cloaked man turned around and looked at me.

    "Nothing Xarafel" He said before disappearing into darkness. At that time the Kingdom Key disappeared from my hands.

    "Thanks" Fuu said to me before smiling again. Little did I know that my cheeks had turned a bright red color which only made her giggle. I smiled at her and remembered what the cloaked person had called me.

    "Xarafel.. Wonder who he is" I said under my breath before shrugging and turning around.

    "I'm going home guys" I said to the three of them. They waved bye to me and I started to walk towards my house before I was stopped by Seifer.

    "By the way there is a doubles struggle tournament tomorrow. You should enter it." Seifer said to me and I nodded to him.

    "Trust me I would be there. That is if I can find a partner." I said before going home and sitting on my bed thinking about the tournament tomorrow.
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