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    Chapter 7 Struggles


    "Oh ok Roxas I get it now. We're collecting hearts to create Kingdom Hearts and so we can exist again." I said smiling while scanning the area with my ocean blue eyes. I looked at Yixenia who was sitting in a chair twirling her light blue bangs with her fingers. She saw me looking at her and smiled at me. Slowly she stood up and walked towards me seeming to look through my soul with her angelic green eyes. I smiled and Naix saw it and nudged me with his elbows. I forgot about the size difference between the two of us. He was about five foot ten inches tall while I'm about five foot four inches tall. He was looking down at me his grey eyes covered by his black hair. He nudged me forward and I nearly tripped over my own two feet. I smiled and had a hint of embarrassment on my face. We met in the middle of the room and my blue eyes met her green eyes. I smiled and blushed deeply when she kissed my cheeks softly.

    "Hey guys I'm going to Twilight town for a little bit" Yixenia said and looked at me before disappearing into a corridor of darkness leaving me in the middle of the room with red cheeks that were noticible on my pale face. I slowly walked over to Naix and smiled rubbing the back of my head. He laughed and the both of us noticed that Roxas had also left.

    "Hey you better get Yixenia before Roxas does" Naix said half joking and half serious. I nodded and opened a corridor of darkness disappearing to Twilight Town.I stepped out feeling slightly dizzy only to have a group of Nobodies surround me. My keyblade wouldn't appear though. I looked around with my ocean blue eyes feeling a little bit worried. I looked around and saw two of them running at me nearly striking me but they had stopped and disappeared. My eyes opened slightly and I saw a man with spiky red hair and a keyblade striking all the nobodies down with three other people. One has spiky brown hair with blue eyes, the second had silver hair that dropped down over his eyes, and the last was a female who had red auburn hair that stopped by her neck. All three of them had keyblades. After a few seconds all the nobodies were gone and the four were looking at me but I only recognized one of them.

    "A-Axel is that you" I said as I walked towards him cautiously and he looked angry.

    "It's Lea now. Got it memorized" He said and smiled. I smiled back and saw Lea's face grin happily. He was grinning at the blonde haired male that just entered. Lea walked over to the blonde haired male and smiled.

    "Roxas how are you still here?" Lea asked doubtfully and poked his forehead playfully.

    "Xion showed me the way out" Roxas said as he was poked in the head. He slightly chuckled looking at the three others.

    "Sora, Riku, Kairi. Why are you guys here?" Roxas asked cheerfully and the each looked at me. I looked at the ground and smiled embarrassed. The three of them laughed at each other.

    "Your friend here needed help" They said still looking at me and Roxas nodded. He walked over to me and patted my back softly seeing I was embarrassed. Suddenly the ground started shaking and 11 people appeared looking at us shaking their heads.

    "So these brats are what needed to be taken care of." The one with the blonde hair said while chuckling. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Axel, and Roxas took their keyblades out. I smiled and summoned my golden kingdom key.

    "Who are you guys" I said and they laughed again looking at us. They each had a unique weapon that I had seen before.

    "We are the true Organization XIII" They said and charged at us quickly. I thought I saw my life flash before my eyes as they inched closer and closer.


    I awoke on the floor inside of my house. I had no memory of what happened yesterday. I got up and on his feet feeling a sharp pain in his head. Slowly I got dressed in some black jeans and a white shirt sighing. Slowly I approached the calender and nearly had a heart attack when I saw what day it was. My dark black hair covered his lime green eyes. I walked down the stairs and was surprised to see a familiar face outside of my house. Her big brown eyes were hard to miss even through her blue hair. I smiled at her and walked out of the house and looked at the girl smiling again.

    "Hey Gaby I'm sorry I missed the struggle battle finals." I said and she looked confused. She pointed at a poster that said the finals were today due to a massive storm that happened a couple days ago. She smiled and poked my tummy with her finger and started dragging me towards the sandlot with her struggle wand in her small delicate hands. I slightly chuckled when she poked me in my stomach and around a minute later we were at the sandlot. I saw the struggle arena in the center and two females inside of it. One had red hair that nearly reached her feet, the other female had silvery hair that covered one of her red eyes. They both waved at us as we walked into the arena.

    "Hey Amai and Fuu ready for the match" I said and Amai and I grabbed our struggle bats. Fuu grabbed her Guard bat and Gaby grabbed her struggle wand.
    "The Final match between the team of Rafael and Gaby and the team if Fuu and Amai will begin... Now" I looked up into the sky for a second before hearing the announcer say something. I was caught off gaurd when Amai ran at me nearly striking me with her struggle bat but I sidestepped quickly avoiding the attack. I smiled and swung at her hitting her one time in the stomach. She smiled at me swinging upwards with her struggle bat knocking me into the air for a brief second. I was surprised by her power but barely landed on my feet. My face was red where she hit me. I aimed at her feet and swung making her fall to her knees. I swung at her knocking her out but caught her head before she fell and laid her softly onto the ground. I looked over at Gaby and saw that she was knocked out by Fuu. Fuu and I ran towards each other. When we were close enough we both swung each hitting each other then the ground.
    "This match is a draw. So the struggle trophy will go to both teams" The announcer said surprised. About a minute later we all awoke and were handed the trophy. Gaby, Amai, Fuu and I were smiling at each other. When Fuu and I locked eyes we both looked away blushing. I figured it was time to do something about the way I felt about Fuu so I whispered something to Gaby.
    "Pssst Fuu Rafa wants to know if you wanted to do something later. Just the two of you" She whispered into Fuu's ear. Fuu looked at me for a few seconds thinking about her answer.
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