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Originally Posted by roosterman View Post

i don't think that was the problem
Once again, please read the section's rules. If a Pokémon is part of a family then the club has to be based on the whole family. The reason there is a fan club for Absol on it's own is because Absol doesn't have any other Pokémon in it's evolutionary line, and does not directly relate to any other Pokémon families, so there are no natural Pokémon to group it with. This also doesn't change the fact that your thread didn't have any content to constitute a club and therefore didn't adhere to the section's rules. As I said in my last post, I urge you to read the section's rules ( before posting again and check out the Club Creation Guide in the 'Useful Links' section for guidance. And once again feel free to contact me or Olli97 if you'd like any help creating a club that would be approved. :)