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«Derozio's Icon Shop»

dem here cuz Kamina, Raiden and Monet badass.

I had a shop here a while ago but locked it due to the fact that life got busy.
But I think I can make an icon shop to bring some much needed activity back to this section.
Tags take too much time but I can do icons, I suppose. So yes.

General PC and A&D rules apply.
Won't accept LQ stocks.
Please give credit.
I'd accept requests only for icons. Not for tags.
No gifs.
I take pride in my works and if you don't plan to use them, just don't post here.
Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.

Text: (I'd say go for a 'no'. I suck at icons with text, tbh)



Finished requests:



I know this won't be too popular but eh. Request away, people.