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Alrighty, not really here for a request but I'm just gonna go ahead and share my thoughts with regards to your works. don't delete this post, alex :B

There are a number of things you could do that would immensely help these works of yours, in my opinion. I'll comment on them one by one -

Make the focal stand out

From what I can see, almost all of these tags share one thing in common - The focal's drowned and barely stands out due to the multitude of effects you've used. They've been placed over the focal and they, in my opinion, serve as nothing but a distraction. The tag where the focal stands out a little more than others have to be the lelouch tag. But that's probably due to the render itself. But I digress. Anyway, my point is - a good tag should have a few effects that are 'above' the render but care has to be taken not to let the effects dominate the render. It is, generally, a good idea to use foreground effects. But a bad one if there's one too many of them. Another way to make the focal stand out is to sharpen it a bit. But then take care not to over-sharpen, hehe.

Increase depth

All of your tags look extremely flat, imo. You should work on depth of these tags. Depth is generally created by blurring out the background effects and sharpening the foreground ones. Helps give the tag a three dimensional look, you know? Depth really does wonders for tags and I think you should try to improve yourself on that front.

Avoid Low Quality stocks/renders
This one here looks REALLY LQ. LQ stocks hurt tags most of the time so it is a good idea to use high quality high res images. The lelouch render from the first tag is an example. Go for those kinds of sharp renders.

Make sure the text doesn't serve as a distraction

Try to place the text as close to the focal as possible so that it doesn't detract the viewer's eyes from the focal. Also, experiment with fonts. Try ones that you think would fit the 'mood' or the 'atmosphere' of the tag/LP.

And a few other things

Good lighting is important for a good tag. Soft brushes or gradient maps can be used to make effective light sources but try not to go overboard. The lighting is a little too heavy in the 'lighting tag'. Although you got the positioning of the light source right, the magnitude of the light is wayy too much. Then apart from lighting, another thing that you can try out right now is diversifying the kinds of effects you use in your works. Go for various c4ds or textures. Don't restrict yourself to one or two. You can also benefit a lot from adjusting the colors of your works once you're done with all the other stages of the creation of the tag. Good colors can, at times, make or break tags. Make use of selective colors, curves and gradient maps! They're awesome!

I've got more to say but I think this will suffice for now, I think. You can look at this thread here if you're having any problems with things like depth, lighting, color manipulation etc.

All in all, glad to have you here, mate. Hope you continue the good work! Best of luck with the shop - managing these is a pain in the ass. :p And yeah, my post was in no way intended to be hurtful. It was plain critique that I thought would help you out. Just my 2 cents. :]