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    Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
    Okay, these are much better. You haven't gone overboard with foreground stuff and the renders are clearly visible so that's a good thing. ;D Plus, the quality of your stocks seem to have sky-rocketed. Some of them, like Lucy and CC, look really high quality. <3; Still, there are a few things you can still do to improve. In my opinion, they are:

    Try to avoid outer glow and shadows on the render
    They do not really add to the tag. Instead of enhancing depth or blending like some people probably think they do, they generally make the render look a little out-of-place.

    Don't let the text hog all the limelight
    I realize I'm sort of repeating myself, haha. But no, your text has gotten better. Just that I still think you can work on it. In other words, don't make it too big. Try to have compact text that doesn't take too much canvas space. If it does, it'll end up serving as a distraction. And yeah, placement - try to place it as close to the render as possible. You're already trying that, I think, so that's good. You'll get better at placement with practice, trust me. And, if possible, avoid boxes behind those. Again, I can see you have some box-less tags in there so that's good! ;D

    And, the most important tip of them all -

    Try to visualize the tag as a 3d entity and work on it accordingly
    Your tags, as of now, are a mixture of ones with too much blurred out c4ds, too less of them and some others where they just serve as backgrounds over which the render has been placed (jaden yuki, CC and Lucy tag serve as examples). Try to place c4ds/effects both in background and foreground. Then try to think of the tag as a 3 dimensional entity andblur out the c4ds according to their corresponding distance from your eye.For example, the c4d which, according to you, is situated at the farthest distance from the render has to be blurred out the most. The other c4ds, as they come closer to the render, should be blurred out progressively lesser in comparison to the preceding c4d. Similarly, since the foreground effects are situated at a distance closer to the eye than the background c4ds and the render, try not to blur them much. Blurring them out does look good at times but generally they're supposed to look sharp because they're situated in front of the render.

    You'll probably be able to enhance the depth in your tags quite a bit if you do what I suggested. But yeah, just my 2 cents. Glad to see you improve, man. They're, honestly, big improvements.
    I knew the outer glow was a bad idea but on the Sasuke one I was lost on how to make him stick out. Blurring and sharpening did little to help there but I can see where you're coming from. Perhaps a different background/effects would be better.

    I thought the text didn't look too disruptive but now that you mention it I can see where you're coming from. Generally it's pretty small and I hide parts of it behind effects.

    And yes I agree with the depth thing, it's something I really need to work on in the future. Which tag had the best 3D depth in your opinion? I'll use that as a basis and try build more depth using what I did there.

    Originally Posted by Shadowraze View Post
    Wow these are awesome work!

    My favorites are Jaden and Sasuke I like how they look there! Great Job on this I hope to see more. :)
    Originally Posted by Noob123 View Post
    Okay mods I will provide proper feedback this time. Most of the 500x225 ones are done well with distinct focal points and good lightning but some the former lack that, try some bokeh textures for cool lightning or soft brushes. Also some of the effects seem overdone.

    Anyways good job.

    Originally Posted by Hiroki Okazaki View Post
    Beautiful signatures! I really love the Kingdra signature <3 water types
    Thank you.