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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    There are many complicated mechanics in the Pokemon game that deal with battle. Hidden Power, IVs, EVs. They are all complicated and hidden systems of the game that general players do not even bother with because of the difficulty and effort. Its used for the more experienced battle veterans.

    Pokemon is a kids' game, but that doesn't mean that complicated systems are not in the games. Majority of children that play don't learn about EV training until a few years after.

    It would be that complicated if introduced and would cause a large amount of trouble. Though its already been shown that there isn't room for second type buttons to appear on an attack's information page. Only thing they can do now is coded effects like Hidden Power, Natural Gift, Nature Power and Secret Power. Which would mean that they would not be Dual Typed attacks.
    I'm well aware of those complicated algorithms behind Pokémon battles. But, as you said, those are more like hidden systems that we wouldn't even be aware of just by playing Pokémon games. We only know about them because, at some point, we wanted to know a little more about how the game works, so we searched about that stuff in the internet.

    If we don't care about knowing all that stuff, we can still play Pokémon and be pretty good at it. We just have to know type advantages and abilities (or maybe just type advantages will do the job). So, Pokémon games, in a superficial view, are pretty basic and easy to understand. Even EVs are pretty basic imo.

    So what I meant was that they wouldn't introduce anything complicated to the more superficial part of the game, the part that everyone who plays has to deal with and understand, which would include dual-typed moves.
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