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    Dual Type attacks add nothing to the game. The whole point of have 4 moves is to limit the number of super-effective attacks you can do. The only thing Dual-Type Attacks can do is net more SE hits. It would defeat the purpose of having a move-set. At that point you might as well have Pokemon learn 6 moves or more.

    Limiting a pokemon to 4 moves is a Good thing. It make each individual Pikachu unique as well as keeping the menus free of clutter. And it encourages more strategic choice of which moves to keep.

    If you have played FF, WOW, or other RPGs you know this: There are 1-2 spells you spam, and a laundry list of 45 other spells you never use. Pokemon solves this problem. "Pick the 4 moves you want, the rest are garbage."

    Dual Type Attacks are just poor game design that limits the number of creative choices the player can make.
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