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    Originally Posted by aka4794 View Post
    Well... I hadn't any idea, in original Gold/Silver rom this tool show it correctly.
    I actually guessed that. The programmer of the tool didn't know much about hacking though if he didn't program the functionality to read the moveset learning datas through pointer tables. Most hackers edit parts of the pointer table anyhow.

    Originally Posted by aka4794 View Post
    Hex editing make me insane xD.

    Well, I wanted to do similar in my hack but now I'm fighting with map connection. I don't understand it now (well, I must watch your tutorials on YT, I think that it'll help me ;)). Or I'll just make my hack using Fire Red...
    Those tutorials I've uploaded aren't that newbie-friendly and if you want to understand what I talk about in them, you're going to have to experiment on your own as well. But if you do, you're definitely going to get the hang of hex editing, pointers, different memories and why those exist, scripting, assembly ("ASM"), and even more.
    (And what comes to scripting, I don't get the point in even trying to learn to script before understanding how hex editing works. It's just so unnatural way to go for it even though people seem to do this a lot. That's also why I talk about scripting much later in the video series when the viewer has gotten hang of the "basics" first.)

    I'd totally recommend watching them, but don't get discouraged if you can't keep up. The answers may lie (="are", not "bluff") just ahead.

    Well, I got a little off-topic here. If you've questions, you can for example send me Visitor Message :)
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