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Thanks anyone for the comment and the feedback I got. During those days I've worked a bit on XSE to implement a couple of new features and to make it even better. To update, simply use the Live Update, available on the Help menu.

Some of the things that were added:

Offset linking
From now on, if you press your left mouse button while holding the Ctrl key, XSE will put your caret where the selected pointer points to in the script, if any.
Doing the same except pressing Ctrl + Alt will bring the caret to its previous position.
Quite useful when reading long and complex script, this feature works for both static and dynamic offsets.

Color Codes
Isn't annoying to write all those codes like \c\h01\h01 etc.? Not any more. XSE includes all the color codes needed, both for normal and trainer battle messages.

Full list:

Ruby/Sapphire - Normal messages


Ruby/Sapphire - Trainer battle messages


FireRed/LeafGreen - Normal messages


FireRed/LeafGreen - Trainer battle messages


Emerald - Normal messages


Emerald - Trainer battle messages


EDIT: I've almost forget... today I'm releasing my complete script dumps too:
all the scripts of all the maps, decompiled and put together. (Ruby + FireRed + Emerald).
Now XSE is 100% accurate while decompiling/recompiling the original scripts from the game.

Originally Posted by swampert22 View Post
Anyway, thanks for this HackMew. Definately worth waiting for. I have a question though, when will the comprhensive scripting guide be up and running in the help section. I really want to look at the advanced stuff!

Nice one buddy, and I'll ask cheekily, Do you have any other treats planned for the future ;)
I dunno exactly, the guide is going to be very large you know... We are talking about hundreds of commands, screenshots and such... :P
Just be patient ^^

Originally Posted by score_under View Post
EDIT: Whoever said "Say goodbye to pokescript and scripted", you're wrong - XSE seems to use the same command database format as ScriptEd.
Yes, it may seems so. But it's not. XSE uses a new command database format which is, compared to the rubikon.dat, shrinked and better. And that's the reason why...

Originally Posted by Teh Baro View Post
Ah, so I could edit the *.dat with the command list with rubikon2Keditor? Gotta try it.
... it won't work.

Originally Posted by C3LEBI-愛 View Post
getting used to XSE is very hard...after using pokescript after all this time XD..
No, it's not that hard. You just need a bit of practice.

Originally Posted by FriendsRoxYourSox View Post
whenever i open the script i made in advanced map, it looks like this:

#org 0x3B4D84
checkflag 0x200

and i want te script too look like this:

#org 0x3B4D84
checkflag 0x200
= if B_true goto $done
= message $here

If you compile a script using either ScriptEd or PokeScript you can't pretend to get your script decompiled fine by XSE since those programs didn't respect the scripting standards/commands really good.

Originally Posted by joshable View Post
Idea can u make a better sprite editor the overworld one is good but all my sprites no matter whati do it says not 16 bit
16 colors maybe, I guess. Could you post the image you're using perhaps?
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