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This is fine.
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Okay… since the plot bunny thread is “dead”, I’m under the impression someone will tell me off since it’s been a month, so I’ll put it here and hope I don’t get hammered for it.
Actually, it's fine to post in that thread even if the last post is a while ago when you want to share your ideas. No worries though, I'll just merge your thread with it.

Taking a quick glance at the first two for the moment... firstly, kills, or faints? If the former how does the reviving thing actually work then, to bring things back from the dead?
During the night however, the Absol inadvertently casts a curse on him – using doom desire (I know that’s inaccurate, but it’s fiction).
Not so, actually. You'd want to keep things accurate, as a reader who knows the basics about Pokemon when reading that would surely have a double take at an Absol suddenly using Doom Desire like that. It's like a Chikorita using Water Gun suddenly in a battle; it doesn't make sense.

Of course, it doesn't mean it can't happen, but if you don't have a buyable explanation for it then it's going to hurt the believability of the story. (There's more about that in the first post). Alternatively I'd suggest thinking up some other event if you want the guy to be cursed and then search for Jirachi with an Absol (which is a neat premise in itself, imo).

Way of the warrior sounds interesting, certainly; mixing rangers with conquest certainly is different (and as far as I know there is little in the way of conquest fic out there compared to the rest too). One thing that came to mind though; if Celebi can take them to the past, why not just take them to just before team plasma appear so they can stop them?
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