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    Hmm... I found some glitches in your Hack...
    It's not a lot, but you should take note of them...


    It should be "Let's", not Lets.

    Menticlub and Menticat's Backsprites aren't made yet.
    The Female Trainer's Backsprite isn't made too.

    A question mark should be added in the end
    of the sentence.

    The text gets mixed up...
    Also, the Female Title Screen Sprite isn't made yet.

    You should add some dots at the end of the sentence.

    I don't think the text is finished yet.

    You should add a period at the end of the sentence.

    You should press the spacebar after a period.

    The player is under the ground...

    The text isn't finished yet.

    The remainding bits of player text is still there...

    That's all of the glitches.
    Now, to the suggestions.
    You should make the LoD Grunts have the Rocket Themed
    Music like what you did to Alex. (Bandit)
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